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How to Find Your Personal Style

Developing your own sense of style is not something that happens overnight. In fact, defining your fashion sense is an ongoing process as it can change throughout your life. College students dress differently than those who have been in the … Continue reading

Why Is Fashion Important

The fashion industry is a successful, but sometimes overlooked, cultural force in the world. Fashion is prevalent in movies, TV and magazine ads as well as the daily clothes people wear to work. Fashion is a part of daily life … Continue reading

Dressing For a College Graduation Ceremony

College graduation day is an important event no matter if you are the graduate or one of the guests at the ceremony. For the graduate, it marks the end of school and the beginning of their professional career. For the … Continue reading

What Your Clothes Say about You

When you get dressed in the morning, do you know why you wear certain clothes? Most people don’t think about it. They simply dress the way that makes them psychologically comfortable. The clothes you have in your closet can say … Continue reading

Do Your Style Choices Show Your Age

Your style is supposed to make a statement about you but not about your age. Many women dress in a style they believe makes them look younger while actually making them older and outdated in appearance. With so many style … Continue reading

How to Make Money in Fashion

The idea of making a living in the fashion world appeals to many people. However, not everybody has the ability to create fashion and hot new clothing styles. Is there a way to make a living in fashion without being … Continue reading

5 Fashionable Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Bring out the box of chocolates and beautiful red roses because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. On this holiday, you will want to look your best. When deciding what to wear, think a little outside the box. Whether … Continue reading

LATSL Fashion Hall of Fame

Fashion designers exhibit their creations in such a way that onlookers drop their jaws. Their artistic abilities bring style and elegance to the world through fashionable apparel. With so many talented fashion designers, it’s difficult to choose just a few … Continue reading

2017 Fashion Trend Forecast

Welcome to 2017 and the hottest new fashions across the country. From head to toe, department stores and fashion boutiques have you covered. Here is a look at what will be big on the streets in 2017 and even a … Continue reading

Most Fashionable Women of All Time

Female celebrities all have one thing in common: They are all expected to look their best in, and out, of the limelight. Can you imagine how frustrating that must be? Most of us just want to wear a pair of … Continue reading

Winter Fashion Trends

Although it seems like fall just got here, winter will be here before you know it. Time to put away those light jackets and sporty capris and make way for oversized sweaters and stylish boots lined with fur. Welcome to … Continue reading

Some of the Most Influential People in Fashion History

The fashion industry is responsible for bringing new and creative trends to the public eye. Although a host of influential people including models, trend-setters and photographers play a part in bringing the latest trends to the public, the creativity must … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week News

If you were busy during New York Fashion Week, you missed quite a bit of news. There was so much to see this year including Whoopi Goldberg modeling at a presidential election themed political pageant with a twist of comedy. … Continue reading

Iconic Celebrity Styles

Whether it’s on the red carpet or running around town; celebrities are known for setting fashion trends. Although every moment of their lives isn’t about style, their fashion choices inspire the public. Fashion is about taking risks and showing some … Continue reading

Fashion That Is Always In Fashion

Every year, beautiful models parade down the catwalk sporting stylish new trends. Raised eyebrows and pleasant smiles are on the faces of the crowd as designers wait to see whether their latest fashionable creation will make it BIG in the … Continue reading