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Beverly Hills Fashion Tips for Older Women

It can be difficult to shop for fashion when you are over forty. The latest trends are usually designed for teens and those in their 20s. Certain items of fashion, such as bright colored leggings, are not meant for older … Continue reading

Beverly Hills Boutique is the Home of the Next “It Brands”

As times change, so does marketing which creates the need for business owners to make alterations in their business strategies. Madison boutique has spent over 20 years building its reputation for accumulating loyal customers for upcoming brands. In fact, Madison … Continue reading

West Coast Fashion Has Always Been More than Beverly Hills

The El Paseo Shopping District in Palm Desert, California has come a long way from where it started with some of fashion’s biggest high-end shops located along Palm Canyon Drive. Patrons could find the newest styles in stores including Saks … Continue reading

How to Dress for an Office Holiday Party

Happy Holidays! You just received an invitation to the office holiday party. What are you going to wear? Whether your holiday party consists of a banquet hall, a restaurant or an open bar, you will want to make sure your … Continue reading

Fall Fashion Trends

As the days become cooler and the nights grow longer, your fall fashion is top of mind. Your wardrobe this coming season doesn’t have to mean darker clothes and less fashion forward thinking. Fall fashion has a different approach this … Continue reading

How To Dress Your Age At Any Age

While fashion is always changing, that doesn’t necessarily mean the latest style is perfect for you. Fashion has its age appropriateness as well as its age limits. Wearing skin tight leather pants in your forties may not be appropriate and … Continue reading

5 Fashion Rules You Can Break

While rules will always have a place in the world, some rules should be broken. Style rules or statements from the past often creep back up and try to influence today’s fashions. Why should you default to the trends of … Continue reading

How To Style Sleeves

When you think of fashion trends, you might be thinking about floral prints and Maxi skirts or over-the-top stilettos and fashionable flat sandals. Do you ever think about your sleeves? Many people do not give a thought about how to … Continue reading

The Best Monthly Fashion Deals

With fashion designers always seeking to create the latest trends and retailers moving merchandise as quickly as possible, it can be difficult for consumers to know when deals are about to take place. Learning when retailers close-out seasonal merchandise can … Continue reading

Stylish Patriotic Fashion for July 4th

July 4th is coming soon and that means fireworks, parties and patriotism. A little fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered following a long winter season. No matter where your festivities take you, show some pride in … Continue reading

Memorial Day Fashion Ideas

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff of summer. Whether you have plans to lounge on the beach, attend a backyard BBQ or enjoy a weekend getaway, you need to make sure your 2017 style is on point for the holiday. … Continue reading

How to Find Your Personal Style

Developing your own sense of style is not something that happens overnight. In fact, defining your fashion sense is an ongoing process as it can change throughout your life. College students dress differently than those who have been in the … Continue reading

Why Is Fashion Important

The fashion industry is a successful, but sometimes overlooked, cultural force in the world. Fashion is prevalent in movies, TV and magazine ads as well as the daily clothes people wear to work. Fashion is a part of daily life … Continue reading

Dressing For a College Graduation Ceremony

College graduation day is an important event no matter if you are the graduate or one of the guests at the ceremony. For the graduate, it marks the end of school and the beginning of their professional career. For the … Continue reading

How Fashion Influences You (And the World)

Many people wonder what all the fuss is about fashion. Obviously, there are beautiful models wearing outrageously expensive clothing as they strut down the runway. Photographers snap endless pictures for prestigious fashion magazines. Glamour, spotlight and fame surround the fashion … Continue reading