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Sustainable Fashion in Los Angeles – Is it Happening?

When it comes to fashion, most people only think about the design and fit of the clothes and not the way the clothes are produced. When it comes to environmental pollution, the fashion industry is a major producer of this … Continue reading

AI and Fashion – Does it Work for Finesse?

In March of this year, the website, Glossy, reported that an intersection between fashion brands and generative artificial intelligence (AI) was on the way. The website said AI would take production personalization to the next level for shoppers while also … Continue reading

Reformation Increases Its Recycling Efforts – Details Here

Reformation is one of the most popular brands among celebrities and one of the main reasons is their commitment to the environment. The brand has a program called RefScale that it says tracks its environmental footprint. Through this program, Reformation … Continue reading

Margot Robbie – New Fashion Style Revealed

Margot Robbie is known for her acting skills as well as her beauty and style on the screen and in the public eye. Her fans often try to mimic her style by dressing like her and they also try to … Continue reading

Meet the Fashion Founder Using AI to Solve Fashion Industry Sizing and Waste Issues

Carly Bigi is the CEO of Laws of Motion which is an online clothing retail platform with the goal of making clothes for women that fit perfectly using data science. The company says its styles are modern takes on timeless … Continue reading

Iconic Rihanna Outfits

In the 21st Century, many style superstars have emerged in the public eye. From the Kardashians to the Hadid sisters and Karlie Kloss, fashion has moved forward with these celebrities leading the way. Even with all of their success, there … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week and TikTok – See the Connection

New York Fashion Week just concluded and this year brought some fresh faces to the red-carpet events. It was said that anyone who did not recognize many of the faces showcasing their look simply does not spend enough time on … Continue reading

Fashion Show History – A Look Back at the Catwalk

Fashion shows are some of the biggest and most popular events in the modern fashion world. Whether it is an in-person event with an audience of thousands or the show is broadcast online to a virtual audience of millions, fashion … Continue reading

Fashion Trends Throughout the Years

At its heart, change is the very nature of fashion trends. Fashion is an important part of our daily lives as we decide what to wear to work, to school or for leisure time. Many style trends return again and … Continue reading

Fashion History Lesson – Halston 101

Halston is one of the most famous names in fashion and his style defined the 1970s with simple and sexy dresses and his penchant for Ultrasuede. He was known worldwide as Halston, but he was born Roy Halston Frowick in 1932. Halston … Continue reading

Twin Brothers Take Los Angeles Fashion Scene By Storm

Born to Kimberly and Waverly Watkins Sr., twins Waverly and Warner Watkins have been attached at the hip since birth. The brothers were raised in Danville, Virginia and played sports growing up. Warner took up wrestling while Waverly spent time … Continue reading

Fred Segal – Tribute to a Los Angeles Fashion Icon

When the public thinks of Los Angeles style and fashion, they think of Fred Segal. The once young tailor opened a clothing boutique, bearing his name, that would go on to become a staple in shaping the image of Southern … Continue reading

Fashion Industry Pandemic Trends and Industry Changes

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of every person on the planet. With the United States going into a recession, millions are out of work and are being forced to rethink their spending habits. In addition, the current … Continue reading

The Latest Trend in Fashion – Old Clothes

The fashion world has a new trend that can best be described as “old is in style”. One of the signs of older clothes being popular happened this month with the debut of a new fashion magazine called Display Copy. … Continue reading

Fashion History – Why do we not Wear White after Labor Day?

The end of summer is here as the Labor Day weekend often means the start of fall in the minds of the public. The Labor Day weekend has also historically been a big turning point in the fashion world as … Continue reading